PLAYERTWO on TikTok and New Album ‘happy accidents vol. 1’
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The Beat Manila’s Up-and-Coming Artist: TikTok-Viral Band PLAYERTWO

The Beat Asia Up and Coming Artist PLAYERTWO Tik Tok Viral Band

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Thanks to TikTok, discovering fresh music has never been more effortless. Whether it’s pop, indie, K-Pop, or hip-hop, the app offers something for every music enthusiast.

Hailing from Davao City, alternative hip-hop group PLAYERTWO skyrocketed to fame with their viral 2022 TikTok hit “THAT’S MY BABY,” which now has nearly 25 million streams on Spotify. Following this success, the band released “TIKTIKTOKIN,” a playful and trap-infused track that is currently gaining popularity among Gen Z and millennials.

Things have since been looking up for PLAYERTWO: they kicked off Felip’s show at Ayala Malls Manila Bay, played live renditions of their viral hits at Warner Music Philippines’ “We Play Here” concert, and secured a spot on the prestigious Spotify’s RADAR Philippines 2023 list.

The Beat Manila's Up-and-Coming Artist: TikTok-Viral Band PLAYERTWO

Eight months on from their breakout anthem “THAT’S MY BABY,” PLAYERTWO sits down with The Beat Asia to talk about their TikTok fame, their music heroes, and their upcoming album “happy accidents vol. 1.”

Hi PLAYERTWO, can you tell us a short introduction about the band?

Hello, The Beat Asia! We’re an alternative hip-hop group from Davao City, composed of three performing artists-producers, Ivo Impreso, Luke April, and Wave P, and two visual creatives Puhken and Ven Villariza.

What’s the story behind your band name PLAYERTWO?

We chose the band name PLAYERTWO because we began as a duo, Luke April and Ivo Impreso, and we loved the way it appeared in all capital letters. When Ven, Puhken, and Wave P joined, we opted to retain the name PLAYERTWO because we perceive it as symbolizing the underdog and the second choice in games—where everyone aims to be player one but we’re content with being player two.

What genre of music would you say your band falls under?

We consider our music to be alternative hip-hop due to our blend of influences. Luke April has a rock band background and produces indie alternative tracks, drawing inspiration from Kanye West. Ivo Impreso emerged from the hip-hop and trap scene and was influenced by J. Cole and J.I.D. Wave P began as a hip-hop dancer before transitioning into a DJ and producer role. He also credits Tyler, the Creator as his biggest influence.

With nearly 25 million plays on Spotify, 'THAT’S MY BABY' is one of the most streamed songs in the country right now. Can you tell us a little backstory about it? Did you expect the song to gain this much popularity?

“THAT'S MY BABY” came about during our initial session with Wave P. We crafted three songs during that session, originally intending to feature Wave P at the start. However, as each song developed organically, we made an on-the-spot decision that he would become a member of PLAYERTWO. “THAT'S MY BABY” was the second song we wrote, produced, and recorded together.

In three full-day sessions, we finished an album. When we finalized “THAT'S MY BABY” and listened to it for the first time, we yelled, “Bro, TikTok!” We thought it was perfect for the platform due to its sound and feel. We envisioned it appealing to a wide audience because it’s highly danceable and catchy. The repetitive “that’s my baby” part was initially a joke that we just kept blurting out while Luke was producing. Now, it has reached 24 million streams on Spotify (and counting) and has forever changed our lives.

Congratulations on being part of Spotify’s RADAR Philippines 2023 list. How does it feel to be acknowledged as one of the rising acts in the country?

Being part of the shortlist of artists being spotlighted in Spotify’s RADAR Philippines 2023 makes us feel incredibly grateful. Seeing ourselves standing alongside the amazing artists in that selection on the billboard and all the pictures is truly unbelievable, especially considering that we started as a band in mid-September last year. It makes us realize that we’re leaving our mark as artists in the industry.

Can you tell us about your latest single 'TIKTIKTOKIN' and how it came about?

“TIKTIKTOKIN” came about during a break after we had finished editing the music video for “THAT'S MY BABY.” We didn’t initially plan to release it on the album, but we were captivated by the song’s vibe and energy that we had to put it in.

Who are the artists PLAYERTWO looks up to and why?

As a group, we look up to bands and groups that inspire us, such as BROCKHAMPTON, AG Club, and Laundry Day, to name a few. We love their skills in blending genres and sounds in their albums and creating cohesive and consistently sounding bodies of work with them.

What has been the most memorable gig so far?

The most memorable gig for us, by far, had to be our show opening for SB19’s Felip at Ayala Malls Manila Bay because that was the show that marked our first performance in Manila, and it paved the way for us to embark on a nationwide tour.

Is there a festival that your band dreams of playing or being included in the lineup?

Locally, we would love to perform at Wanderland and perhaps PLUS63 and Aurora Fest. Internationally, we’d love to participate in Head in the Clouds, Rolling Loud, or Tyler, the Creator's Camp Flog Gnaw.

What’s next for PLAYERTWO? What can your listeners look forward to?

More music and an album. Watch out for our upcoming project titled “happy accidents vol. 1,” which will be out on all streaming platforms on Aug. 18!

This interview has been edited for length and clarity. To know more about PLAYERTWO, follow them on Instagram and Facebook. You can also stream their music on YouTube and Spotify.

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