Nancy Castiglione Debunks Hypnotherapy Hollywood Myths
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Nancy Castiglione: Hypnotherapy Can Help Bring Closure, Healing

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Nancy Castiglione has lived a multitude of lives. A former actress, singer, broker, and tech executive, the Filipino-Canadian has now forayed into a new field: hypnotherapy. Still considered unorthodox in the Philippines, hypnotherapy has been portrayed unfairly by those who misunderstand or sensationalize it.

“Hollywood likes to make hypnosis something evil where it’s like mind-control or being manipulated, when in fact hypnosis is used to show you how to manage your own life. It’s mastering your own mind,” Nancy explained.

Beyond the Silver Screen

Having studied the science of hypnosis in Canada and the United States (US), Nancy understands it as more than just a villainous Hollywood plotline. In fact, she said that hypnosis is a state that’s normal to everyone.

“It’s simply a heightened state of focus. [During it], you’re relaxed enough where all the chatter in your brain from the day can rest,” she explained. “It allows your subconscious to focus just on what’s happening at the moment.”

Most of us spend our days on autopilot, making decisions without much of a second thought. Think about your drive to work every day: how at some point, drivers on a familiar route are able to navigate their vehicles without consciously thinking about it.

“That’s your subconscious programming,” she explained. “In hypnosis, I’m simply guiding you to explore [your thoughts] . . . without the analytical, critical voice in our [heads] that questions everything.”

In this way, hypnosis allows an individual to be free of judgement – whether from themselves or others – and enables them to think about possibilities they might have been too ashamed or afraid to approach. As such, hypnosis makes one more open to suggestion, but that’s perhaps the only thing moviemakers got right.

Mind over Matter

Inquiring minds may wonder, how did Nancy find herself in hypnotherapy? In fact, it was due to a health scare she experienced in Canada. During this time of her life, Nancy came to realize the importance of a holistic approach.

“We, as humans, are made up of mind, body, and soul. Traditional medicine only touches upon the body, but what about the mind and the soul?”

Admittedly, hypnotherapy has yet to become a traditional form of healing or self-reflection. But Nancy hasn’t lived her life in the most traditional sense either – and it’s worked out very well for her. Upon reflection, she admits that she “did everything backward.” After being approached by a casting agent in Glorietta 4, Nancy entered the showbiz industry, notably appearing in series and movies such as Encantadia (2005), Mulawin (2004), and I Think I’m In Love (2002).

“I had no strategy [with my career],” she shared. Ever grateful, Nancy would say yes to projects she aligned with despite advice to do otherwise.

“I would never follow the path that people would expect me to, in any part of my life. And I want people to know that that’s okay. That’s part of my mission and purpose, [to let people know that] there’s no standard, there’s no [correct] path [to take]. You create the way.”

If you’re wondering whether Nancy walks the walk, you may be surprised to know that she can hypnotize even herself; and it’s not as zany as one might imagine. One of the tools she employs is what she calls “perspective play.”

“This ties into neuro-linguistic programming, which is basically looking at other perspectives that we can still accept,” she explained. “It’s not me imposing a new perspective [on someone or myself], it’s exploring other perspectives that can also resonate with [the person].”

The One Percent

Transitioning to a new country is never easy – even if it’s in a community you’re already familiar with. By leveraging past networks and social media, Nancy has been carving a niche for herself and slowly building a name. Though she wishes that everyone could experience the benefits of hypnosis, she’s currently content with her base of high-achieving clientele.

“I work with CEOs, founders, and some really big brand names. But I was taken aback because I expected to work with more [lay people] who were anxious or depressed,” Nancy explained.

“And then I realized that the one percent, the really successful people, are risk-takers. They’re the ones doing the things that not everyone is doing, otherwise they wouldn’t be successful. They’re the ones who are open to trying new things and new methods. And that’s why they’re the one percent.”

In the West, athletes such as Mike Tyson and Michael Phelps are just a few of the familiar names who’ve been known to get into hypnotherapy. By conditioning every aspect of themselves – mind, body, and soul – top athletes such as Tyson and Phelps have been able to break records and make a name for themselves.

Past Life Regression

One aspect of hypnotherapy that’s probably intrigued most of us is past life regression. Past life regression allows a patient to think back to “past lives,” recalling a time from years, decades, or even centuries past. A lot of this touches on religion, and even some Buddhist philosophy.

Do past lives truly exist? Does reincarnation happen? Does karma play a hand in our current lives?

Controversial as it is, Nancy claimed that she’s seen people who have healed from it. For her, proving the objective truth is the least of her concerns. What’s important is her patient, their well-being, and how she’s seen firsthand that past life regression can bring both closure and understanding.

“At the end of the day, if it provides healing for someone, does it matter whether or not it’s true? What’s important to me is that there is healing or some sort of resolution,” Nancy explained.

“Is it science-backed? Honestly, I haven’t seen any studies, and I haven’t really looked into studies. But I have seen past life regression heal people. So, at the end of the day, if it’s true for my client, does it matter?”

Mind Shapes Reality

Understandably, there will be skeptics, but hypnosis is all about the importance of framing your thoughts in a positive way; and how the way we think and even talk to ourselves in our minds can influence our actions.

One of the most significant takeaways from speaking to Nancy is this: your mind creates your reality, and hypnosis can help reprogram your mind to create a reality that is better suited to you.

“You have the power and control to create a reality that you want,” Nancy said. “I want to empower people to dig deep and explore their own minds and leverage the power that they have within themselves.”

To know more, visit her Instagram or LinkedIn.

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