Leica M6 'Leitz Auction' Set: A Limited-Edition Masterpiece
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Exclusive Leica M6 'Leitz Auction' Set Unveiled with Only 20 Copies

Header Exclusive Leica M6 Leitz Auction Set Unveiled with Only 20 Copies

Inviting photography connoisseurs to own a piece of immeasurable history and unparalleled craftsmanship, Leica's has once again chosen a selection of both cameras and lenses to feature in the annual Leitz Photographica Auction, where they are sold to the highest bidder.

Last year marked a special occasion as the auction celebrated its 20th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, an exclusive special edition set was born out of a collaboration between Leica Camera AG and Leitz Photographica Auction: the Leica M6 Set "Leitz Auction."

With a pristine glossy black paint finish, this set stands as a tribute to a storied tradition. It features the iconic Leica M6 and the esteemed Noctilux-M 50 f/1.2 ASPH. lens, both adorned in that luxurious black finish.

The Leitz logo, crafted from solid gold by a master goldsmith in Wetzlar, Germany, graces the camera, set against exclusive real wood armouring made of walnut veneer. Delicate engravings in gold and red tastefully complete the design, adding a gilded element to the brand’s usual black and red colourway.

The Leica M6 Set "Leitz Auction" is profoundly limited, with only 20 copies in existence.

This exclusive set is as complete as it is grand, featuring a lens cap, body cap, and lens hood, all in a glossy black paint finish. The set is accompanied by a custom-made strap of smooth black leather and a certificate of authenticity, all elegantly packaged with a golden Leitz logo.

This rare camera set is now available. Exclusively through Leica Camera Classics in Vienna.

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