Luxury Brand Rimowa Features Icons in Its New Campaign
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Luxury Brand Rimowa Unveils New Campaign Featuring Three Worldwide Icons

Rose Rimowa Photo by Instagram/ROSÉ

Discover the essence of traveling with Rimowa's newest campaign, featuring some of the biggest personalities in the world, including K-Pop superstar ROSÉ, legendary Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, and world-class football player Kylian Mbappé.

Rimowa, a renowned luxury brand of bags and travel essentials, has unveiled its latest campaign through its social media accounts. Collaborating with Hans Zimmer, an award-winning film score compose and producer, Rimowa has crafted an "anthemic brand film" for its latest brand campaign.

The German brand's latest campaign, titled "Never Still," showcases how the featured stars move around the world and how the world moves around them in their continuous pursuit of their careers.

ROSÉ, who lived in multiple countries before becoming a worldwide superstar, shares her definition of home, which she believes is not a place but rather something she takes with her on her journey.

Both Lewis Hamilton and Kylian Mbappé, accustomed to the life of travelling, learn to embrace the world around them. They constantly foster aspirations with every journey they undertake. The campaign's philosophy emphasizes that "no one builds a legacy by standing still."

Rimowa encourages its audience to look at the world from a wider perspective and engage in continuous exploration with the brand. For more information, visit Rimowa's website.

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