What's New on Netflix: Feb. 2023 Releases, TV Series, Movies
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What's New on Netflix: February 2023 Releases, TV Series, Movies

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With a lineup that explores stories from all over the world, Netflix will transport you to places this coming February. The year’s shortest month doesn’t exactly lend to the widest number of releases, but there is a bunch of new and returning exclusives to watch out for in this “month of love.” 

Let's look at Netflix’s most notable releases this February.


‘Gunther’s Millions’

The Gunther in “Gunther’s Millions” is a German...shepherd. This documentary will tell the strange tale of the world’s richest dog. Gunther’s fortune stands at US$400 million currently, which grew from the original US$80 million bestowed on Gunther III, his grandfather and the pet of German Countess Karlotta Leibenstein upon her death in 1992. 

With no control over his fortune, Gunther is relying on people around him to manage his finances. All these sentences are starting to sound stranger when you realize that this show is about a dog. This is a must-watch for February.

When: February 1


“Same block. New curse. Old Money.”

Curses and a coming-of-age tale will be clashing in this “On My Block” spinoff. This Latinx-dominated show will be about four teens accidentally putting out bad juju on their town, because teenagers always say they know what they’re doing until bad things happen. Expect mysticism and misfortune in this show that will probably be a riot, much like its predecessor. 

When: February 2

‘You’ Season 4 Part 1

In one of the easiest marketing moves in the entire year for Netflix, ‘You’’s latest season will release in February. Joe (Penn Badgley) will unfortunately continue his pretending-to-be-not-a-serial-killer adventures and this time, he’ll probably be doing his best Jack the Ripper imitation and terrorize his latest love interest, Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) in London. 

There’s been a lot said about this show, and while Joe will hopelessly resist his killer urges, we’re still going to root for his unlikely turn to a hero.

When: February 10


‘Bill Russell: Legend’

Bill Russell is a pillar of the African American community, on par with Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali, Rosa Parks, and Harriet Tubman. In Netflix’s second foray into a basketball great, the documentary will explore the life of the famed Boston Celtics center and civil rights activist. Much of Bill Russell’s playing life had him involved in ways more than his role in the court.

When: February 8

‘Your Place or Mine’

Friends turn to lovers in this big-screen-in-small-screen return for Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher. The golden pair will be swapping houses and realize what and who they really want to be in their lives. All we hope is that Ashton Kutcher does his part, because we know what to expect from Reese Witherspoon. She carries her movies, and she can make any role work for her.

When: February 10

‘Call Me Chihiro’

Chihiro isn’t your typical Japanese woman. A seaside bento worker who was a prostitute in a different life, this story will her life as she tries to have a normal life in her own way, interacting with strangers and not worrying about what society expects from her. Many of the more popular pieces of Japanese literature in the west usually involve women who doesn’t hide their ambition to live shackle free, and this might be our first glimpse into that world.

When: February 23

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