Eight New Thai Airlines to Start Operations in 2024

Expanded Airline Choices Await Travellers as New Airlines Debut This Year

Here’s some exciting news for travellers this 2024! Thailand’s aviation industry is gearing up to meet revenge travel demands as new airline operators are set to take off and offer their domestic and international services this year.

According to a statement shared by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT), eight new airlines will be adding 60 more aircraft to meet the increasing demand for leisure travel.

Among these is Really Cool Airlines, which has received approval from the Ministry of Transport for operating licenses and will be offering medium-to-long-haul international flights.

As the number of tourists doubled since the government waived the visa requirements for travellers from Thailand’s key markets, including China and India, the addition of aircraft hopes to solve the problem of insufficient flights, especially during the festive season.

These new carriers are expected to fly more than 130 million passengers, nearly the number of passengers before the COVID-19 pandemic, from the six main airports in the country.

Other airlines, including Pattaya Airways, Asian Aerospace Service, Avanti Air Charter, Siam Seaplane, and Asia Atlantic Airlines, are also set to start their operations, as per reports from local media outlets.

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