Hundreds Join Yoga Class by Suvarnabhumi Airport Runway
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Yoga by the Airport? Hundreds Join a Class by Suvarnabhumi Airport Runway

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A good yoga class can make you feel a dozen different ways. It can leave you feeling at peace or more energised. It can make your muscles sore or get you to sweat like crazy from an effective workout.

This holistic practice has been around for thousands of years, with devotees stretching all around the globe. Originating from India, the practice aims to be a holistic mind and body experience. Throughout the years, different types of yoga have arisen in order to cater to various types of practitioners. Making headline news this week was a unique class held right by the airport runway of Bangkok’s famed Suvarnabhumi Airport.

A major airport within the country, Suvarnabhumi services flights to over 130 destinations. It currently handles 60 million passengers annually and services 60 flights per hour. With construction underway for an expansion, Suvarnabhumi aims to handle up to 90 flights an hour. It is here – at the unopened airport runway – that Brew Yoga Thailand, a community yoga class, held their unique airport yoga session.

The organisation, which makes it a priority for people to enjoy a workout and mingle with other like-minded attendees, offers unique activities against a range of backdrops.

Led by Thai actress and yoga instructor Pavadee Komchokpaisan, the workout event was a “very special event for [her]”, adding that it was the first time yoga had been done on the runway.

The event began at 5 AM Bangkok time, with around 500 attendees. Despite the roar of the aircraft engine and the industrial setting of the venue, the yogis who attended enjoyed the setup more than they expected to. At the very least, it was an amusing experience and offered participants something they probably won’t get to do again.

The organisers also offered guests refreshments such as coconut water and iced tea during the activity.

Before the airport yoga event, Brew Yoga had already been known for hosting a class on the skywalk of the Mahanakorn building, Bangkok's tallest building. Definitely not a class for the faint of heart! They’ve also hosted a class on a river cruise on the Chao Praya River and in a blacklight room.

For those who want a little more peace for their sessions, Brew Yoga offers “silent” yoga, which gives participants noise-isolating headphones that ensure they only hear the instructor and the DJ. Enjoy each class with a refreshing beverage of your choice – they are named Brew Yoga, after all – and make friends or strengthen your body in unique settings that will leave you wanting more.

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