Craft Beer BOB Fosters Circular Economy by Upcycling Bread
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From Bread to Booze: Bread and Coffee Grounds Turn Into Craft Beer ‘BOB’

Craft Beer BOB Fosters Circular Economy by Upcycling Bread Header

Maxim's Groups’ latest milestone involves upcycling surplus bread, bread crusts, and coffee grounds, to create locally brewed craft beer BOB ("Bottle of Bread") - as an illustration of a functional circular economy.

Both tasty and sustainable, BOB not only gives food waste a second life, but the initiative also achieves waste and carbon reduction in support of Hong Kong-born start-ups Breer and EcoMatcher.

For every six bottles of BOB sold, to the project sponsors the planting of one tree in Asia through EcoMatcher – promoting carbon sequestration and striving for long-terms sustainable development.

In collaboration with local start-up Breer, surplus food waste materials are collected from Maxim’s facilities, and then brewed into beer at local breweries. To date, BOB has upcycled over 1.6 tonnes of surplus bread and counting.

“The group’s support not only ensures a stable supply of surplus bread but also provides valuable assistance in research and development. Both parties have greatly benefitted from discussions on circular economy’, says Anushka Purohit, CEO and Co-Founder of Breer.

Coming in two flavours, Original BOB and Coffee BOB, the Original BOB has recently received the Certificate of Bronze (Pale Ale) at the Hong Kong International Beer Awards, praised for its’ “slightly malt-forward aroma balanced with that of the hops”.

Judges noted that each BOB has its own distinctive character, making it easy for beer enthusiasts to indulge in different taste profiles.

Original BOB is currently available at approximately 100 restaurants within the Maxim's Group, and Coffee BOB has been introduced at 46 designated restaurants starting from May 27. Both flavours will soon be offered on Ztore for online purchase.

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