Hong Kong Shifts Tells Stories of Strength in HK Jan. 12-14

Join Hong Kong Shifts As They Empower Through Storytelling, Jan. 12 - 14

Hong Kong Shifts presents another edition of the much loved ‘Hong Kong Included’ exhibition and community event at the House Studio at Soho House, between Jan. 12 and 14.

For the past three years, Hong Kong Shifts has been taking stock of the stories from every nook and cranny of Hong Kong. Finding tales of strength, positivity, and resilience from the people that run this city discreetly in the background.

Join them to discover their latest collection of community stories, and hear from inspiring NGO guest speakers to learn what work they have been doing in recent years. Get involved with whatever piques your interest, join in interactive storytelling activities, meet new people, and jam out to great music and drinks.

This year’s Hong Kong Shifts theme is ‘Empowerment through Storytelling’. The power of storytelling has the potential to help us lead happier lives, strengthen bonds with those in our community, and develop empathy for people of all walks of life. What better time to tell your story than now, as Hong Kong Shifts invites you to share your experiences, and understand why it matters.

Split across three days, Jan. 12, opening night will feature a fireside chat with Hong Kong Shifts and NGO leaders, drinks, and an opening party with DJ Ani Phoebe. Jan. 13 marks the Exhibition’s opening, and the final day Jan. 14, will see a ‘Life in Colour’ art workshop and dialogue hour hosted by Love 21.

Community partners and NGOs celebrating social inclusion and human connection include EmpowerU, Love 21, and Teen’s Key. City Mental Health Alliance HK will also share their take on the relevance of inclusivity for mental health in the workplace. Don't miss this opportunity to get to know your community at a deeper level. Grab your tickets now!

Location: Hong Kong Shifts, House Studio, Soho House, 33 Deus Voeux Road West, Hong Kong

When: Jan 12 – Jan. 13 (from 6 PM), Jan. 14 (from 10:30 AM)

Contact details: Instagram

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