SE SO NEON Live in Hong Kong 2023, This Nov. 14 at KITEC

K-Indie Sensation SE SO NEON Holds Inaugural Concert in HK, This Nov. 14

SE SO NEON, the Korean indie sensation, is all set to hold their inaugural solo concert at KITEC. Led by the talented vocalist Hwang So Yoon, this band has been making waves with their unique blend of musical influences.


The band's name, "새소년" (Saesonyeon) in Korean, was inspired by an old magazine discovered by So Yoon in a bookstore. Translating into the poetic "soaring new youth," their amorphous music truly reflects this spirit.

Their debut track, ‘A Long Dream,’ was first released in 2017, and their debut album, ‘Summer Plumage,’ immediately caught massive attention. SE SO NEON’s music is a captivating fusion of guitar melodies with elements of blues, jazz, psychedelic rock, 80s new wave, and post-punk, fusing a musical style that's as unique as it is enthralling.

Their music has earned them admiration not only from independent music fans but also from fellow musicians. Notably, K-indie giant Hyukoh, music icon Ryuichi Sakamoto, and even globally beloved boyband BTS have given their stamp of approval.

Their achievements also include winning ‘Best New Artist’ and ‘Best Rock Single’ awards at the Korean Music Awards (KMA), shining a spotlight on their talent.

Are SE SO NEON Touring Right Now?

SE SO NEON announced their first global tour in June, covering 18 countries and 32 cities, including the US, UK, Europe, Asia, and more. Their European and American tours were sold-out successes, and now, SE SO NEON is bringing their musical magic to Hong Kong.

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