The Peninsula Becomes an Art Gallery This 2024 HK Art Month

The Peninsula Turns Into an Art Gallery With 'Art in Resonance' 2024

In time for Hong Kong Art Week 2024, hotel brand The Peninsula has announced the return of its “Arts in Resonance” programme, featuring a lineup of art visionaries from Hong Kong and abroad.

Opening in late March, the exhibition will dazzle its visitors with an array of art installations in and around the hotel.

Among these is Hong Kong-local Kingsley Ng’s newly commissioned monumental sculpture, “Esmeralda.” The installation will hover over the hotel’s facade, combining the beauty of art and science.

The Peninsula Hong Kong's 'Art in Resonance' Artist Lineup
Photo by The Peninsula

Another newly commissioned work to be featured at the exhibition is Los Angeles-based artist Lachlan Turczan’s “Harmonic Resonance.” Featuring a parabolic mirror that will shape a shallow pool of water with choreographed infrasonic tones, the sculpture aims to mesmerise its audiences with the idea of a “visible sound.”

Previously commissioned installations from Paris-born artist Elise Morin and New York-based artist Saya Woolfalk will also be presented at the exhibition. This year, Morin’s SOLI is newly augmented with the addition of 4,000 crushed CDs, highlighting an image of a whale breaching the ocean’s surface.

Meanwhile, Woolfalk’s “Visionary Reality Portal” is a multisensory video installation, offering audiences a kaleidoscope of colours. It is also further developed to connect more with Hong Kongers. The installation will be open to the public and placed in a purpose-built room off the street.

Launched in 2019, “Art in Resonance,” in collaboration with acclaimed curators Isolde Brielmaier and Bettina Prentice, has been giving immersive experiences to art enthusiasts in various cities.

The exhibition will run until May this year and is free to all visitors. To learn more about it, visit The Peninsula’s website.

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