HK Gov't Back M Mark System for More Major Sports Events


Government Introduce New Mark System Measures for Major Sports Events

The Major Sports Events Committee in Hong Kong has implemented new measures to enhance the "M" Mark System, with the aim of attracting more major international sports events to be held in the city.

The new measures include an increase in the funding ceiling for each event to HK$15 million, and the lifting of the quota of "M" Mark events organised by the same applicant each year.

Additionally, the eligibility of applicants has been relaxed to include events organized by national sports associations and other private or non-governmental organizations.

The Major Sports Events Committee, one of three committees under the Sports Commission, advises the Government on the hosting policy and resource allocation for major sports events in Hong Kong.

The "M" Mark System and Support Packages were launched in 2004 to help nurture more sustainable major sports events. The system awards "M" Mark status to recognised major sports events held in Hong Kong, and provides a package of tailor-made support measures to help them evolve into regular, market-oriented, and profitable events.

With these new measures, the Hong Kong Government hopes to attract more major international sports events, securing and hosting one-off mega events considered beneficial to the community.

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