Hang Seng Bank x HK Artists Drop Anti-Scam Music Single

Hang Seng Bank, Local Artists Collaborate for an Anti-Scam Music Series

With the increasing cases of phishing emails and phone scams in Hong Kong, banking and financial services company Hang Seng Bank is making its move to raise awareness through a new campaign made in collaboration with various local artists.

Under the campaign “Fraud Charts,” Hang Seng Bank is set to release a series of remixed songs with lyrics aimed at invoking vigilance against frauds and scams among the public.

For its first music release, the bank enlisted Hong Kong-based quartet ToNick for a song called “Hacking Through Thick and Thin, Anti-Scam Ver.” The song talks about avoiding scams by not clicking on suspicious links on different platforms, such as WhatsApp.

More songs will be released in the next few weeks, which will feature pop music duo per se, independent singer-songwriter Serrini, and an unannounced special guest feature, among others.

“Phishing attacks are a serious threat to our data security. It’s essential that we, in partnership with the community, remain vigilant and proactive,” Hang Seng Bank’s executive director and chief executive Diana Cesar said in a LinkedIn post.

Stream “Hacking Through Thick and Thin, Anti-Scam Ver.” here! You can also watch out for Hang Seng Bank’s upcoming songs by subscribing to their YouTube channel.

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