Saving The Aftermath, HK’s Favourite Bar for Kickass Events
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Saving The Aftermath, Hong Kong's Cult Favourite Bar for Kickass Events

Saving The Aftermath Hong Kongs Cult Favourite Bar for Kickass Events 3

Founded in 2019 by New Jersey-native Alicia Beale and Brit Kyle Haynes, The Aftermath has stood at Soho’s prime venue for Hong Kong’s underground music scene, alternative visual events, comedy shows, and amateur theatre.

Under the current wave of COVID-19 infections in the city, and restrictions that have halted live music and food and beverage venues opening past 6 PM, The Aftermath is seeking new ways to preserve its golden space in Central.

“[The Aftermath] is an oasis in the Lan Kwai Fong, Soho area, as it offers authentic and unique experiences, which are not found anywhere else,” Alicia told The Beat Asia.

"We want to last through time as a place open for arts and culture, where all of Hong Kong can express their voice through music, visual arts, comedy, and theatre. We want to maintain a creative performance space across cultures and languages.”

During Hong Kong’s fourth wave of infections, which had previously shut down nightlife in Hong Kong, The Aftermath had organized three crowdfunding campaigns, selling discount coupons for drinks, produced an album of live music for local Hong Kong groups, and filmed an entire fringe festival. Through those fundraising initiatives, The Aftermath was able to raise over HK$150,000.

This month, The Aftermath is crowdfunding again – in a boozy and rhythmic way. For HK$300, eager customers can buy any three of Stoneburn Sauvignon Blanc, The Spectacle Rose, and Sticks the Season Shiraz; two bottles of Pernod Aperitif; or six bottles of Schneider Weisse Tap 7 Mein Original Beer.

Alicia and Kyle are also asking music-lovers to tune into the bar’s Aftermath Experience Live album on Bandcamp, a selection of songs composed from a group of 10 Hong Kong-based bands, who have all recorded live original music at The Aftermath.

“What is new will be their request to donate clothes for their sustainable clothes swap meet which will be held on March 20th. The idea came from wanting to keep the community active in a positive way.”

“With their live music silenced, [the bands] will be premiering their Battle of the Bands playoffs in video format on YouTube and IGTV. This part of the competition is going digital with the bands filming 20-minute performances for the judges and audience to vote on.”

Previously, The Aftermath hosted events and creatives from all walks of life and interests.

A wide range of musicians performing various genres in various languages have graced The Aftermath stage such as well-known bands Nowhere Boys, Prune Deer, Clave, R.I.D.D.E.M, Parallel Horizons, The Priceless Boat, and Luna is A BEP, as well as an array of hip-hop ciphers, heavy metal nights, indie rock festivals, jazz jams and even cabarets.

Women and non-binary open mic comedy nights have been hosted under The Aftermath roof, as well as bilingual Cantonese and English performances for the Laugh Festival.

The Aftermath has worked with various charities on events too, such as panel discussions on migrant justice with Gongsik, live music concerts with Musubi to fundraise for services helping Hong Kong’s ethnic minority community, and a performance art showcase with Soundpocket to support experimental sound art development.

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