ICHU Cocktail Menu Blends of Japan and Peru in Nikkei Fusion

Unveiling ICHU’s Exquisite Nikkei Cocktails: A Fusion of Japan and Peru

ICHU, Central’s finest contemporary Nikkei restaurant and bar, presents an exciting addition to its repertoire with the arrival of award-winning mixologist Filippo Pieroni.

With his arrival, ICHU unveils a captivating signature cocktail menu that perfectly complements their Nikkei culinary offerings. Pieroni, joining from the world-renowned II Ristorante Niko Romito in Dubai, brings his international expertise to Hong Kong’s vibrant bar scene.

Drawing inspiration from the rich history of Japanese immigration to Peru, which gave rise to the renowned Nikkei cuisine, Pieroni’s creations pay homage to both cultures, incorporating elements like Sake, Sakura flower, and a variety of fruits and spices. The aim is to ensure a harmonious pairing with Chef Andres’ exquisite menu at ICHU.

These fusion Japanese Peruvian cocktails are the perfect after-work indulgence, especially when enjoyed on ICHU’s tropical terraza.

Start your journey with the SAKURA MARU (HK$130), a delightful blend of aged Takizawa Junmai Ginjo and smooth Pisco, enhanced by fragrant Sakura Vermouth and yuzu bitters. This refreshing cocktail packs a punch with its sour grapefruit notes.

For a taste of Peru’s classic highball cocktail, try the CHILCANO (HK$120). Combining lemongrass Pisco with fermented sweet potato vinegar and tonic water, this vibrant red concoction offers a hydrating experience with subtle vanilla undertones.

The AINU’s INCA (HK$130) pays tribute to the ancient indigenous tribes of Japan and Peru. This tropical twist on the traditional Pisco Sour features a delightful blend of peanut butter and coconut Pisco, lime juice, roasted pineapple, and banana cream. Served in an elegant couple glass it comes with a crispy chicken skin rim for an added savoury touch.

For those seeking a lighter option, the LUPUNA (HK$150) is a spritz-inspired creation. With a harmonious combination of Campari, Roku Gin, and fruity traditional sake, garnished with a striking banana lead, this cocktail offers a refreshing and well-balanced experience.

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