Influencer Teree Daisuke's Journey of Finding His Path
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TikTok Beauty Creator Teree Daisuke on Finding His Path

Tik Tok Beauty Creator Teree Daisuke on His Journey of Faith and Acceptance

“Gandang bata! Sino’ng mama mo?

If you’re a fan of all things related to beauty and makeup, you’ve probably come across this line somewhere on your TikTok FYP. This specific line is from none other than Teree Daisuke, the TikTok beauty content creator who’s now making big waves on the internet because of his entertaining makeup reviews and tutorials, along with a couple of mukbang or food-related content.

At 34, the fresh-faced influencer seems to have reached success in the content creation space. But before he had over 1.5 million followers on TikTok, Teree led a different life: as a corporate employee who, just like many of us, was just finding his own path in life.

In an exclusive interview, The Beat Asia sat down with the popular content creator to get to know him behind all the glitz and glamor of being an internet celebrity. In the conversation, he talked about his beginnings as a content creator, his life beyond TikTok, and what’s next for him as an influencer.

Making the Leap

Before he became a content creator himself, Teree had worked at a big media company as a producer and a community manager, handling influencers was part of his job. To better understand their work, he also jumped into the craft and started making his own content. With this, he was able to learn the latest trends in social media and how to make engaging content, among other things.

In December of 2022, Teree made a leap of faith and completely left corporate life. With his background as a producer and a social media buff, he followed his passion and continued making content for "fun" and his own “visual journal.” Little did he know that this visual journal of his would gradually gain popularity, earning him a following that grew exponentially over time.

This growth pushed him to go even deeper into content creation. Interested in makeup, he started documenting his progress as a beauty beginner and later shared makeup tips, reviews, and tutorials with his TikTok audience. Eventually, he became a household name on the platform.

In terms of [making] content, naturally, gusto ko talaga siya (I naturally loved making content) — as a content creator or [as] someone [from] behind the scenes,Teree shared.

On what he would say to those who aspire to pursue their passion as he did, Teree offered advice that screams practicality, contrary to the usual "Follow your dreams" advice.

Mag-ipon ka muna. Sustain muna ‘yung bills mo, may mababayad ka, may makakain ka. ‘Pag okay ka na do’n, go. If you feel like this is something na gustong-gusto mong gawin, go (Save up first. Make sure you can continue paying for your bills and food. When you're all set and you feel like this is something that you want to do, then go [for it]),” he said with a light laugh.

An Influencer's Dilemma

While all seems to be going well for him, Teree has also faced a few challenges as a content creator. In an increasingly saturated industry like content creation and with many beauty influencers coming up on the scene, making unique and entertaining content is one of the obstacles Teree must conquer.

Pinag-isipan ko mabuti pa’no ko ise-set-apart ‘yung sarili ko sa ibang content creator sa beauty space (I had to think really carefully about how I can set myself apart from other content creators in the beauty space),” he said.

As a result, Teree thought of adding a little bit of flavor to his content by publishing videos where he reviews makeup while eating, shows off his outfit-of-the-day (OOTDs), and even does mukbang as well, among all sorts of stuff.

Teree also admitted to getting insecure about his social media presence, "As a content creator, you can't help but check your views, your engagements if they're doing well. It's like that [when you start], you're at the peak wherein you're hungry for views."

Amid these, Teree forges further as he learns not to take things too seriously but instead tries and enjoys what he loves to do while not losing his true self in the process.

On Queer Representation

Growing up, Teree also faced the fear of being discriminated against and judged for his femininity, which made him restrain himself from pursuing his happiness when he was younger. He also mentioned that while there were queer beauty creators back in the day, he still struggled to find someone who he could relate to.

Slowly but surely, he learned to accept himself for who he is and do the things he loves the most. Today, as a proud member of the queer community and a content creator who serves as an inspiration to many, Teree encourages everyone to just be themselves and do what they want.

Gawin mo ‘kung ano’ng gusto mong makeup look. Lumabas ka as confident as you want. Dapat alam mo kung ano ‘yung gusto mo (Do whatever makeup look you want to. Go out with as [much confidence] as you want. Know what you want),” he advised.

Moving Forward

In just a few years since he started, Teree had already achieved big things as a beauty influencer: from winning the TikTok Beauty Creator of The Year in 2023 to becoming the new face of Fresh KBeautyLab. But what awaits him next after all of these?

According to Teree, he hopes to grow even further as a content creator, not only collaborating with more brands but also making more relevant content that will inspire beauty enthusiasts out there.

Teree also has big dreams, as he hopes to go global and make the Philippines proud in the near future if given the chance.

Before we knew Teree as the outgoing social media influencer who we love for his informative and entertaining content, he had to battle insecurities, navigate a new path, and find his confidence. All these experiences led him to where he is now, but this is just the beginning.

"If you feel like you are lost, that’s okay. The challenge is to overcome that stage. Eventually, you’ll find your calling, path, and purpose. Take your time and just enjoy it," Teree ended with a smile.

Get to know Teree by following him on TikTok or Instagram. You can also check out the Teree x Fresh KBeautyLab range, available at Watsons’ online and physical stores, Lazada, and Shopee.

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