Zera Cooling Crescent: Combatting Menopause Hot Flushes
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Zera Cooling Crescent: Innovative Wearable Device For Menopause Relief

Zera Cooling Crescent Innovative Wearable Device For Menopause Relief Header Photo by Website/Design Week

Designer Aphra Hallam has brought a breath of fresh air to the lives of women undergoing menopause with her ingenious invention, the Zera Cooling Crescent. This wearable device, crafted from reusable silicone and aluminium, is designed specifically to alleviate the discomfort of hot flushed – a common symptom of menopause.

The Zera Cooling Crescent employs thermoelectric technology, activated by a thermal control device known as a Peltier module. Connected to an aluminium strip, the module cools the metal, targeting the skin’s blood vessels and effectively cooling down the user during a hot flush. The device is shaped to fit comfortably on the back of the neck, a strategic placement for optimal cooling.

Zera Cooling Crescent: Innovative Wearable Device For Menopause Relief  1
Website/Design Week

Controlled via the Zera app, users can track their menopause symptoms and manage the device throughout the day, making it an efficient and practical tool for daily use. The device is also discreet, designed to be hidden under a shirt collar or hair, giving women the confidence to wear it daily.

Hallam has also addressed racial disparities in reproductive ageing by designing the Zera Cooling Crescent in a range of skin tones. Furthermore, the Zera app provides a community space featuring blog posts, supportive chat rooms, and expert articles, empowering women to connect and share experiences.

The Zera Cooling Crescent is not just a cooling device it’s a step towards making the menopause journey more comfortable and empowering for all women.

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