Workshops, Games, and More: What to Expect at Int'l Dog Show


Over 100K Pups to Join Thailand’s Annual Dog Show – Here’s How to Register

Ever wonder how this googly-eyed, mushy, four-legged pet became man’s best friend? The answer is empathy. Because dogs form an emotional connection with the people who care for them, they are able to feel what their owners are going through.

In Thailand alone, it is estimated that there are more than eight million dogs in 2022. This represents the rapid increase in its population, which makes up 47% of the pet population in the kingdom. In honour of the loyalty and companionship that you share with your doggos, Thailand will be hosting “the largest and only dedicated annual dog-care exhibition in Bangkok” – the Thailand International Dog Show.

The show will take place at Hall 5-6, IMPACT Exhibition & Convention Center on July 6-9 from 10 AM-8 PM. The purpose of the event is to promote the growing dog care market not just in Thailand but also in its neighbouring countries.

What to Expect

Over 100,000 dog owners and canines are expected to attend the Thailand International Dog Show this year. The event’s exhibition space will be filled with more than 200 exhibitors that will sell all kinds of dog care products. Owners must get ready for a shopping extravaganza of a year’s supply of dog food and snacks, grooming equipment, health products, and more.

Moreover, the dog show aims to become the “most cost-effective” key regional marketing platform where traders can promote their dog care products and services while receiving real-time market feedback from owners and pet lovers alike.

Apart from that, exhibitors will help educate dog owners about proper care for their pooches that will improve the relationship between them and their fur babies.

There will also be a dedicated stage for exciting activities such as dog show competitions, dog agility games, playgrounds, seminars, workshops, and more. For medical assistance, the event will have a mobile clinic that will offer free medical check-up services for fur babies.

Where to Buy Tickets and Other Rules

Tickets will be sold at registration counters for THB20 per person. Pets are free admission, while children below 100-centimetre can also get a free entry. For more information, click here.

Pets who need to pee or poop during the event can use dog toilets that will be set up at the venue.

Participants and Exhibitors

As mentioned above, aside from dog owners and lovers, the event will also be attended by the following:

  • Manufacturers and pet suppliers
  • Importers and exporters/wholesalers and retailers
  • Pet farms and pet shops
  • Veterinary hospitals and pet treatment clinics / dog grooming businesses

Curious about the participating exhibit booths at the show? The following is a rundown of the list of exhibitors:

  • Dog food: Dog food, chews, and treats
  • Dog beauty: Shampoo, hair lotion, hair care, hair spray, protection spray, and germ killer
  • Dog equipment: Dog grooming equipment
  • Dog products: Cages, dog houses, toys, food trays, collars, leashes, etc.
  • Dog apparel: Fashion clothes, DIY costumes, etc.
  • Dog farms: Pedigree certificate breeds
  • Dog health: Medicines, vaccines, and supplements
  • Dog services: Hospital, clinic, dog training school and exercise services, etc.
  • Pet media: Printing media and pet magazines
  • Charity projects: Foundations and shelters for stray dogs, “1 Baht for our best friend” charity campaign

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