Fall Cleaning: Get Redressed This October


Get Redressed for October to Get Your Wardrobe in Fall Fashion

If you’re anything like the average Hong Kong fashionista, it’s highly likely that you’re no stranger to feeling stumped with choice paralysis whilst standing in front of an agape wardrobe. Instead of heading out to scour for new updates to your clothing rotation, take a moment to rethink or reshuffle the outfits you have right now to breathe new life into the apparel that already exists.

Born out of the frustration in facing the shocking numbers of the city’s daily garment and textiles waste, Redress is sustainable fashion advocate Christina Dean’s initiative working to put a stop to the environmentally hazardous overflow of discarded clothing. Looping in consumers and the average dresser into taking real yet easily achievable action, October has been dedicated to the goal to “Get Redressed”.

The Fashion Pipeline

Encouraging all to “Love What's Been Loved”, the campaign calls for individuals to become environmental protection trailblazers in their own right by spreading the message of the project amongst their own communities. Whether it be at school, at work, or at social spaces all around, grassroots partners can step up to the plate to join Redress in passing on used pre-loved clothing that is ready to find it’s refreshed purpose.

It’s time to untangle the fashion industry’s toxic habit of pumping up overconsumption with smarter choices and better environmental awareness. Extend the lifespan of what has outgrown your closet by finding a collection box drive closest to you in the city to offload the fashion accessories and pieces you are saying goodbye to, with a handful stationed in these shopping malls right in the heart of Hong Kong. Join the loop and redirect the heaps of textiles away from landfills and incinerators. Do note that this does not include items like shoes, home goods fabrics, school or work uniforms, or damaged things.

To get a glimpse into what happens once the Redress team gets their hands on the donated clothing, click here.


If elbow grease is your greatest infinite resource, and you would like to roll up your sleeves to give Redress some support head on, the “Sort-a-thon" is just the perfect opportunity. With an estimated 20-tonnes worth of resulting donations from the Get Redressed clothing drive on the horizon, volunteers will be helping to cull and classify clothing for secondhand resale, upcycling, and recycling. Quality apparel that have been identified for reuse will then be disseminated to local charities like the Refugee Union, the Salvation Army, and Pathfinders, with all resale proceeds going into helping Redress’ mission.

For more information on how you too can Get Redressed, check out the official initiative site here.

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