Rhapsody in Gold: Chinese Characters Turned Luxury Jewellery
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Rhapsody in Gold’s Bespoke Collection: Tradition Meets Modernity

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Lillian Pau, founder of jewellery brand Rhapsody in Gold, is inspired by the artistry behind Chinese names. Determined to elevate Chinese character jewellery, she designs pieces that beautifully capture emotion, expression, and auspicious meanings.

Much like the rhythm and emotive style of a rhapsody in music, each character in Rhapsody in Gold’s pieces is “drawn” rather than written, inviting wearers to infuse their own meanings into each piece.

Crafted with 18k-gold for its buttery beauty, value, and durability, Rhapsody in Gold revives a cherished tradition. In China, gold is traditionally gifted to mark significant moments, symbolising the worth and preciousness of a child in the family. It’s assumed that the outdated style of traditional gold gifts has deterred younger generation from wearing them, but Rhapsody in Gold bridges this gap, offering a sophisticated balance between tradition and modernity.

Their bespoke jewellery collection provides a unique opportunity to create personalised pieces of profound significance.

Each tiny detail – from the characters’ positioning to the stroke width – is thoughtfully considered to ensure aesthetic beauty and durability. Their ‘Poem’s Collection’, featuring ‘Family’, ‘Happiness’, ‘Blessings’, and ‘Conjugal Bliss’, is a beautiful way of expressing personal stories. It serves as a perfect gift for the upcoming Chinese Valentine’s Day.

On Aug. 3, Lillian hosted an exclusive calligraphy workshop at the Hall of Gems, where participants had the chance to delve into the art of Chinese calligraphy and learn about the Eight Virtues, the guiding principles that persist in Chinese culture.

With a wealth of knowledge in jewellery design and buying, Lillian is redefining Chinese character jewellery with Rhapsody in Gold’s sustainable practices. This innovative approach blends the depth of tradition with the allure of modernity, creating truly unique pieces that resonate with each of their wearers.

Keep up with Rhapsody in Gold through their Instagram.

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