Whiskies & More Takeover: Intercon Grand Tiffany’s Bar 2023
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Whiskies & More's 2023 Grand Encore at Tiffany's New York Bar This Sept.

Header Whiskies Mores 2023 Grand Encore at Tiffanys New York Bar This Sept

After a resounding success last year, Whiskies & More, a bastion of premium spirits, is making its much-awaited return with the Intercontinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong Bar Take Over at the iconic Tiffany's New York Bar. This Sept. 16 to 17, enthusiasts are in for a sensory delight as they journey through over 100 handpicked whiskies and spirits.

The ‘Whisky Journeys’ experience package is a curated exploration of flavours, ranging from the 'Fruity & Fresh' to the 'Smoky & Strong'. Attendees have the chance to navigate through these flavour landscapes, ensuring a comprehensive tasting experience.

Whiskies & More's 2023 Grand Encore at Tiffany's New York Bar This Sept.

But the heart of the celebration lies in the unveiling of two Anniversary Bottles for Timeless & Tasty 2023.

Animated labels by local illustrator Bobo Wong depict the vigour and charm of Hong Kong's ladies across the seasonal themes of spring and summer. While Blair Athol 12 Years epitomizes spring's zest, Macduff 12 Years encapsulates summer's exuberance.

For the connoisseur, the Bunnahabhain 44 Years from Elixir Distillers' Director's Special series is the pièce de résistance. This Islay gem, matured in a single cask, brings forth an intricate dance of peppermint, oak, and mango notes. Meanwhile, the Highland Distillery 37 Years, with its rich apple aroma accentuated by gingerbread, beckons.

Japanese whisky aficionados can revel in Shizuoka Distillery's Pot Still K. Distilled using the legendary still K from Karuizawa Distillery, it paints a palate made up of fruity elegance, smoky undertones, and a hint of sherry richness.

Whiskies & More's 2023 Grand Encore at Tiffany's New York Bar This Sept.

Priced at HK$120, attendees can secure their place in this world of liquid opulence. Available for purchase online via Timeless & Tasty and the e-shop of Intercontinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong, each ticket offers two drink tokens and a complimentary bottle of water. Drink tokens can be topped up at HK$30 each.

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