60% of Workers in HK Received Pay Hike in 2023: Report


60% of Full-Time Workers in Hong Kong Received Pay Hike in 2023: Report

More than 60% of Hong Kong's full-time workers received a pay hike, up from 53% in the previous year, according to a recent report released by Hong Kong recruiter JobsDB.

The increase averaged 4.1%, the highest in the past four years. The report also noted that 75% of workers received double pay or bonuses, up by four percentage points from the previous year.

The study found that digital-related talent is in high demand, with Analytics, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, and Social Media, and Information Technology posting the highest pay increases among all job functions.

Meanwhile, front-line workers in the Food and Beverage, Retail Sales, and Hospitality and Tourism sectors saw salary increases of 0.6%, 1.2%, and 3.2%, respectively.

Bill Lee, Managing Director of JobsDB Hong Kong, stated the pandemic has sped up digital transformation, creating a high demand for digital skills. Employees and employers both benefit from on-the-job training, with over 90% of entry-level workers viewing it as an attractive benefit.

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