Take on these New Year's Resolutions for a Fruitful 2023


Take on these New Year's Resolutions for a Fruitful 2023 in Hong Kong

This is it guys, 2023 is finally here. We’ve all got our fair share of skeletons in the closet when it comes to the resolutions we’ve made last year and were unable to keep. With 2023 kicking into gear, it’s time to repeat the same old cycle with a renewed sense of what kind of life we want to lead this year.

Let’s curb the mid-March motivation decay by getting it right this time and sticking to them for as long as we possibly can. The Beat Asia has come up with your resolution checklist to help you get the ball rolling, so that you can step into the new year as your best self!

Check in with Yourself

It’s difficult not to get caught up in the highs of celebrating, followed by the immediate lows of returning to our usual busy waking life. As much as we love to knock back drinks and party till the wee hours, the unseen damage alcohol does to our bodies can spiral into numerous health problems in the long run.

Strike a balance between the enjoyment of these drinks with alternatives from SipFree for a rejuvenating Dry January that will nurse you back to moderation. Substitute alcoholic substances with nourishing supplement patches from Calmed & Co that can boost your baseline health for better recovery too.

Still, the root of wellness arguably starts from within. Hustle culture and burnout are so out for 2023, thanks to support from Today Well Spent , with intuitive planning journals that focus on balanced self-reflection and manageable goal setting. Allocate some quality me time that puts self-care first!

Pamper Up

The beginning of January means new year, new beautiful year. Start this year by working on yourself and to look and feel like your best self. We’re doing 2023 right for our bodies and to glow up.

Style begins with the hair on your head, and no better place to head to for a cut than Sauce Barbershop in SoHo, providing stylish professional men’s barbering and grooming services. Take care of your milky skin in 2023 with RARE SkinFuel to enjoy products maximised for hydration and moisturization with their cold-pressed skincare technology.

If you favour more organic options, try Coconut Matter for vegan and earth-friendly natural body and facial products. And to unearth the most out of your feminine side, look to Natasha Moor Cosmetics for outstanding makeup products that serves empowerment that’s more than just skin deep

Build a Better Body

Every year we make the inevitable mistake of rushing in saying, "I'm going to the gym starting tomorrow,” as soon as we come out of the first hangover of the year. Instead of torturing yourself in nervous anticipation of summers without the body of your dreams, work towards having a healthier body just for the sake of it.

To kickstart a sustainable and enjoyable fitness journey, it’s about high time you get your nutrition in order. For meal-prep options that put health and nutrition first, check out NOSH and Nutrition Kitchen for delicious calorie and macro considerate meals.

We also want to make sure that how we move our bodies adds enjoyment to our day-to-day routine as well. Coastal Fitness is a great option for beginners and advanced CrossFitters to learn about how your body likes to move. For more niche fitness facilities, check out XYZ Hong Kong for sweat-dripping cardio on stationary bikes and music. Or, you could have a go at learning the technicalities of boxing for a blistering full body workout at LIGHTS//OUT.

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

Doing better for yourself inevitably also means doing better for the world too. In sharing positive new habits and experiences with the greater community, opting to integrate more environmentally friendly practices is an easily achievable resolution for 2023.

Starting from food waste Chomp is a helpful partner in lowering your load of excess scraps. Outside of just rescuing delicious meals and made-today dishes from the landfill, you can also explore items from local vendors and widen your palate at the same time.

Our usual grocery shopping could also do with a minor facelift as well in 2023. Carbs and raw ingredients are easily purchasable in package-free bulk from Slowood, alongside their sustainable home and lifestyle products. If you like surprises, Greenprice offers up a constantly rotating array of discounted household staples to match.

Get Outside and Get Active

Hong Kong as a micro biosphere boasts some of the best views, flora, and fauna, on the Asian continent. There is so much more to appreciate up on Hong Kong’s coastlines, mountains, and wetlands. This year, why not consider making a conscious decision to respect and appreciate the bountiful landscapes as much as you can on your off-days?

Set out and gear up with local sustainable active wear to support locally made crafts, with brands such as Tsunami Sport and Good Days for quality garments and tools to break a sweat in. Map out a trek in the mountains with the guidance and expertise of Hong Kong Trials, slowly making your way through their riveting trail challenger as you go.

Visit the many man-made and natural caves decorating the shoreline, or take a beat to rediscover the rich colonial history of Hong Kong exploring war-time relics of a bygone era. For the urbanite, learn more about our hometown with ‘off the beaten path’ historical walking tours led by Walk Hong Kong.

Get Your Cooking On

We all clearly spent too much money in the month of December last year on expensive meals in lieu of Christmas and New Year’s, so staying in and cooking means saving money and connecting with a new hobby.

Famed Feather & Bone restaurant group operate a top-notch online delivery service allowing Hong Kongers to order imported produce, meat, dairy, beverages, and groceries across the city for homecooked meals. Steak King Market takes what we love (meat, meat and meat) and imports the finest of Kiwi, Australian, American, and Japanese steak, chicken, pork, and seafood for your cooking needs.

Alongside their chain of warm Italian restaurants, Ilbepaese hosts an online delivery service via Deliveroo to sell imported quality Italian shelf-goods and fresh grocery produce to cook up a storm in the kitchen. Head to Eat The Kiwi too if you want New Zealand-imported goods ordered straight to your door.

Try Something New or Meet Someone New

As years go by, we are all changing and growing through acquiring new memories and experiences. No matter your personal journey or your propensity to risk taking, there’s quite a few fun and creative activities you might not have tried or pursued before, to add to your 2023 repertoire.

You could start by putting your left brain to work, with a plethora of hobbies that offer a non-threatening learning curve. As you try your hand at these skills and rack up your XP, there’s a whole untapped world of monetization opportunities that can come out of them too, levelling up something you love to do into a creative side hustle.

Outside of the usual yawn-drawing, Monopoly and Scrabble to socialise, there are tons of inventive, locally inspired board games to impress your new homies with. From Lion Rock Press’ family friendly Hong Kong Habitat Ludo, the pre-game staple “Ride the Minibus” by 852Prints and GetHighHK, to the interactive Hong Kong on Board game by iDiscover which encourages us to go out and explore our real-life neighbourhoods!

Give Back

The New Year is a time for renewed interest in our community and how we help others in Hong Kong, dedicating your time and energy to giving back to those who are less fortunate than us.

The effects of COVID-19 and economy has led to increases in city-wide homelessness, incentivizing you to join non-profit Impact HK in providing support to those lacking access to hot meals and shelter. Feeding Hong Kong is a vital network to join in the new year to assist with rescuing and redistributing surplus food to Hong Kongers in need.

Join fund-raising and support activities with Pathfinders to support vulnerable migrant domestic workers and their children in Hong Kong. Reach out to Hong Kong Paws Foundation if you want to foster and volunteer to assist abused and abandoned dogs and cats in the city.

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