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Delish Sips: Bar Leone, No BS Cocktail Bar Serving Classic Flavours

Delish Sips Bar Leone No BS Cocktail Bar Serving Classic Flavours

Bar history: Brought to you by the affable Lorenzo Antinori, of former fame from Argo Bar at the Four Seasons Hong Kong, Bar Leone opened up to a rapturous reception in June 2023, as if a bar created by the Italian maestro was destined since he touched foot on Hong Kong soil.

What’s the vibe and venue like: Oozing a dolce vita and Italian essence, one may only find journeying to a neighbourhood sipping joint in Rome. Posters of Italian B-movies, the Pope, and his favourite football team Rome are hand selected by Lorenzo and framed on walls. Beautiful, plump brown tables and seating invite guests to schmooze all night.

Delish Sips: Bar Leone, No BS Cocktail Bar Serving Classic Flavours

How much are food and drinks: HK$90 for wines, HK$100 to HK$120 for cocktails; bites range from HK$60 to HK$130. 

What food and drinks did we get: Olive Oil Sour (HK$130), Gershwin (HK$90), Cynar Sour (HK$120), Negroni Classic (HK$130), Apple Martini (HK$110), Sicilian Anchovies (HK$130), Smoked Olives (HK$88), Pane e Pomodro (HK$60).

Delish Sips: Bar Leone, No BS Cocktail Bar Serving Classic Flavours

Olive Oil Sour: Rich and smooth, the menu details. It truly is. Blending whisky, banana, lemon, egg white and Romagna brandy, each sip hosts a chocolate flavour delicately coated on the tongue with the olive oil base. Expect greater umami notes from this one.

Delish Sips: Bar Leone, No BS Cocktail Bar Serving Classic Flavours

Gershwin: Be sure to catch this daily offering on your lucky day. This gin drink fuses a medicinal-like ginger liqueur with syrup and fresh lime juice, presenting a pulsating drink that awakes you from your sweaty slog to Bridges Street for your Bar Leone experience.

Delish Sips: Bar Leone, No BS Cocktail Bar Serving Classic Flavours

Cynar Sour: Sampling an umami base cocktail with strong aromatics, the cynar bitter aperitif offers a clashing flavour with the acidic lemon juice. The drink offers an aromatic base of earthy raisin, liquorice, and lavender that strikes a note on your palate and nose.

What we liked: The nutty and tangy flavours of the Olive Oil Sour. Don’t overlook the food. The smoked olives are a charm for ushering smoky, ham-like flavours in the mouth after sweet cocktail notes. The Gershwin holds a great balance of acidity and sweetness.

What we didn’t like: Call me a sucker for Lorenzo, but there were few things to fault of my experience at Bar Leone. Yes, the bar was only a month old when we went, but Lorenzo still holds his former Four Seasons principles mandating service and experience over everything.

What you should order: Leone Martini (HK$130), Olive Oil Sour (HK$130), Negroni Classic (HK$130), Smoked Olives (HK$88).

Location: Bar Leone, 11-15 Bridges Street, Central, Hong Kong

Contact details: Book here

This food review is based on a complimentary media tasting provided by Bar Leone in exchange for a truthful review and no compensation. The opinions expressed within represent the views of the author.

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