What's New at Hong Kong's Wine & Dine Festival this October

Everything to Know about Hong Kong’s Wine & Dine Festival this Oct. 2023

Prepare for a gourmet celebration like no other, as the "Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival" returns to the Central Harbourfront Event Space from Oct. 26 to 29. This iconic event, organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), promises to serve up a global culinary extravaganza.

What's new and exciting in the 2023 edition? Besides the classic favourites, this year's festival introduces emerging drinks, including new latitude and Chinese wines that have garnered international acclaim.

With more than 100 delectable offerings from around the world, the Wine & Dine Festival is set to pamper your taste buds against the backdrop of the stunning Victoria Harbour.  

What's New at Hong Kong's Wine & Dine Festival this October

One-Stop Shop for Global Tastes

The "Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival" is renowned for bringing the city's night vibes to life. This year’s edition brings about 300 booths from local and regional restaurants featuring an array of sips and bites.

From fine wines to whisky, cocktails to street food, and hotel dishes to star-rated gourmet, there's something for everyone. It's the perfect checkpoint for both locals and visitors, offering a passport to explore the world's finest wine and food.

Pair your wine with exquisite bites from 17 countries and regions. Whether you crave Japanese BBQ, Argentine grill, local specialties, or sweet treats, you'll find it all at the festival.

Classic Wines from Best of Each Country

The festival continues to offer fine wines from around the world at an affordable price. Enjoy top-quality wines and classics from 36 countries, including renowned regions like Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italy, the U.S., Australia, and Spain. Discover internationally acclaimed wines and award-winning bottles, carefully selected by top wine critics.

Explore unique tastes with lesser-known finds, including wines from Moldova in eastern Europe and new latitude wines from Thailand. You can even savour the world's first soy wine produced with soya bean curd whey from Singapore.

Stay ahead of the curve by trying Chinese wines making a mark on the world stage, experimenting with natural wines, and indulging in low-alcohol beverages.

What's New at Hong Kong's Wine & Dine Festival this October

'Taste Around Town' Day-to-Night Dining Experience in November

Following the four-day festival, the HKTB collaborates with more than 300 restaurants and bars across the city to present the "Taste Around Town" program.

This month-long culinary journey is available city-wide, offering Hong Kong-inspired cocktails and a menu of locally sourced ingredients.

The "Chinese Master Chefs' Curation" and city-wide dining offers ensure an unforgettable foodie experience.

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