Asia's 50 Best Bars: Exclusive Guest Shifts at 852 Bars


Hong Kong's Bar Scene Lights Up: Celebrating Asia's 50 Best Awards in Style

Asia's 50 Best Bar Awards, a prestigious event in the cocktail world, is landing in Hong Kong, and the city's vibrant bar scene is planning a celebration to remember. Local favourite establishments, including Honky Tonks Tavern, Shady Acres, and Quality Goods Club, have crafted a series of unique guest shifts, featuring some of Asia's best bar talents. Each event will showcase signature cocktails accompanied by a backdrop of live music and DJ sets. The calendar for this cocktail extravaganza is as follows:

Honky Tonks Tavern x Tropic City

Embark on a tropical adventure with Bangkok's Tropic City, ranked #24 on the World's 50 Best Bars and #17 on Asia's 50 Best Bars 2022. Savour their iconic cocktails crafted by bar maestro Arron, as Chef Andy serves up special 'Rum Ham Pizza' slices.

  • When: July 16, 2023, 5-9pm
  • Where: Honky Tonks Tavern, Man Hing Ln, Central, Hong Kong
  • How much: Prices vary; pizza slices available for $30

Quality Goods Club x Hideaway Bar

Step into the world of Hideaway Bar, known for its fusion of traditional Goan hospitality and modern flair. Enjoy their beautifully crafted cocktails for one night only, paired with the rhythmic tunes of a live Afrobeat band.

  • When: July 16, 2023, from 9pm till late
  • Where: Quality Goods Club, Basement, On Lok House, 39-43 Hollywood Rd, Central, Hong Kong
  • How much: Prices vary

Honky Tonks Tavern x 28 HongKong Street

Singapore's 28 Hong Kong Street, the Best Bar in the inaugural Asia's 50 Best Bars Awards 2016, takes over the Honky Tonks Tavern. Indulge in their best concoctions, crafted by their star bartenders, and savour their signature American Beef burger.

  • When: July 17, 2023, from 7pm till late
  • Where: Honky Tonks Tavern, Man Hing Ln, Central, Hong Kong
  • How much: Prices vary

Shady Acres x Millie Tang

Join international award-winning bartender Millie Tang for an exclusive preview of Peddlers Gin’s 'Down the Rabbit Hole' campaign. Enjoy a night of exceptional cocktail craftsmanship at Shady Acres.

  • When: July 19, 2023, from 8pm till late
  • Where: Shady Acres, Ground Floor, 46 Peel St, Central, Hong Kong
  • How much: Prices vary

Each of these special events offers a distinct flavour of Hong Kong's diverse and vibrant bar culture. Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate Asia's 50 Best Bar Awards in style.

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