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Delish Eats: The Sunset Grill at Sheraton, Brunching With Stunning Views

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Restaurant history: The Sunset Grill is part of the Sheraton’s all-star line-up of eateries and dining venues first opened in late 2020. Headed by Chef de Cuisine Martin Carrasco, this rooftop paradise for meat and seafood lovers is a hidden gem off the Lantau Island coast, beckoning foodies to venture out of downtown.

Restaurant story: Anchored in delivering perfectly executed mainstays like fresh seafood and grilled meat, The Sunset Grill is the ideal place to unwind with an intimate yet rich dining experience. Sticking with The Sheraton’s dogma rooted in world-class hospitality, cocktails and bubbly stays topped up, and earnest attention is paid to showing off the natural flavours of fresh ingredients sourced from all around the world.

What’s the vibe and venue like: Defined by chic marbled countertops, classy black and white tiling, and full length windows, The Sunset Grill is the perfect marriage of panache and leisure. The open terrace goes above and beyond with an ocean view, outfitted with outdoor couches fluffed up with bright blue and orange cushions.

How much does it cost: Shared between two, the weekend brunch is averaged at about HK$550 (on-sale price), totalling about HK$1100 without the bubbly.

What is the menu about: The Weekend Brunch menu accommodates each guest with a broad cold table of hams, cheeses, and salads, followed by an a la carte main course menu of international comfort food favourites, and ending on a decadent dessert platter.

What did we order: Seafood Platter (includes Fine de Claire Oysters, Prawns, Steamed Clams, and Norwegian Snow Crab, Brittany Bouchet Mussels, and Lobster). Table served course of Hokkaido Scallop and Joselito Iberico Pork Secreto, and a Dessert Platter for two.

Cold table: We whet our appetites with the glorious cold table of charcuterie favourites and cheeses. Pungent blue stilton with dark veins, gooey camembert, and sharp comte were stacked high and proud, accompanied with slices of warm fresh bread to keep our stomachs occupied.

Seafood platter: The seafood platter is prepared with minimal seasoning, highlighting the briny sweetness of the urbane marine fare. Raw oysters served on ice sat saddled with a juicy half lemon and vinegar and shallot sauce, next to briny oysters, meaty mussels, and sweet clams. Then came an intimidatingly large and ruddy snow crab worth pricking our fingertips for, plump prawns, and a hefty yet firm and springy lobster for a clean finisher to our little ocean rendezvous.

Hokkaido Scallop: Gorgeously seared scallops with a brown crust atop of each shellfish set high expectations for a delectable treat. Each scallop was almost too easy to eat, soft and juicy, contrasting with the crunchy grilled baby corn - tied together nicely with a sweet, aromatic, and creamy fennel puree.

Joselito Iberico Pork Secreto: Upon arrival, the dish looked more like a medium-rare steak hidden under a tepee of asparagus and eggplant puree. The rich and nutty flavour had to be expertly complimented with just the right ingredients to find the perfect balance. What better way to rope to rope in hearty veggies and with full-flavoured meats with a tart and herbaceous chimichurri.

Dessert platter: Rounding off our brunch experience was a board of adorable sweet treats – featuring light and fluffy cream puffs with a shattery pastry, a tart and tangy raspberry mouse, and a sugar-forward Oreo mousse for an unrestrained sweetness. Just when we thought we couldn’t fit anything else in, the dessert platter proved us wrong.

What we liked: While classy and refined, The Sunset Grill is not a pretentious establishment by any means, opting for a laid-back and relaxing environment and culture – not far from what you might find at an upscale beach house or a hidden retreat. Hokkaido Scallops were a fan-favourite, and the delectably sweet Snow Crab.

What we didn’t like: We felt that the dessert platter was a little bit out of place for such an otherwise savoury affair. Personally, the Oreo mousse was heavy to end on, perhaps more appreciated by zealous dessert lovers. I would prefer a coffee or tea, a cheese platter, or some fruit.

What you should order: Seafood Platter, Hokkaido Scallops, Iberico Pork Secreto, and the Cold Table bread and accompaniments are not to be missed!

Location: Sunset Grill, The Sheraton Hotel Tung Chung, 9 Yi Tung Road, Tung Chung, New Territories

Contact details: +852 2535 0025

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