Where to Find the Best Cheese Rolls in Metro Manila
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On the Hunt for the Best Cheese Rolls in the Metro? We Recommend These Four Places

Who hasn't had a cheese roll? Although the amount of time and labor involved in making this pastry is less intensive compared to, say, baking a croissant, don’t let it fool you for its seeming typicality.

If anything, we think the magic of cheese rolls lies exactly in its simplicity. Food trends come and go, but you just can't beat quality ingredients and good old TLC. If you're on the hunt for some cheese rolls in Manila, here are four places where you can find the best of them.

Mary Grace Café

You'll probably say "tita alert!" but let this be our responsorial psalm: Mary Grace Café's cheese rolls are legit. Mary Grace Dimacali, the woman behind this institution, first offered her cheese rolls and ensaymadas at a bazaar in 1994. Today, her ensaymadas and cheese rolls have gone on to become classics, with many Filipinos swearing by them as some of the best of their kind around (that includes Pinoys of all ages, mind you, not just titas!). Mary Grace's classic cheese rolls are soft and billowy, with velvety cheese in the center. A box of six costs P404, whereas a box of 12 is priced at P764.

Cheese Rolls by Miss J

Cheese Rolls by Miss J was born during the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to one family's love for Los Angeles-based Cuban bakery Porto's cheese rolls. Unlike other cheese rolls, Porto's makes use of traditional puff pastry – as in croissants – European- style butter, a signature cream cheese filling, and sugar. Miss J's cheese rolls are in the same vein: "soft, flaky, sweet, and tangy all in one bite." Miss J also offers a wide range of flavors for its cheese rolls, from original, matcha, and Belgian chocolate to cookie butter, cinnamon, blueberry, and tropical guava. A box of 12 original cheese rolls costs P395, while a box of 12 of its other flavors is priced at P475. Don't miss out on this cult fave!

Nothing But Jill

Quezon City-based Nothing But Jill also takes a leaf out of Porto's book when it comes to its treats. It offers Porto's-inspired favorites such as cheese rolls, guava strudels, and potato balls. Nothing But Jill's cheese rolls come in plain and dulce de leche – sweet bundles of flaky pastry dough that houses a cream cheese filling. A box of five plain cheese rolls is priced at P350, while a box of five dulce de leche cheese rolls costs P450. Other treats you can check out from Nothing But Jill include cannolis, choco strawberry cream puffs, cinnamon rolls, Italian cream puffs, and spicy tuna pastelitos, among many others.

Buttery & Co

You're crazy about cheese. That's the reason you're reading this article in the first place. If you want some cheese rolls that will satisfy your cheesehead cravings, then we suggest you get a box of Buttery & Co's cheese rolls, which are made of three exquisite cheeses: soft cheese, cheddar, and edam. Its cheese rolls take 24 hours of "love, passion and patience" to make and are best enjoyed when toasted. A box of six goes for P450, whereas a box of 12 costs P900. We also recommend Buttery & Co's ube cheese rolls, which are made of ube bread, soft cheese and cheddar, and topped with an ube crust!

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