Luxury Butterfly Embroidery by Novel Fineries Sold at M+
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Novel Fineries Butterfly Embroidery Available at M+ Stores

Novel Fineries Butterfly Embroidery Available at M Stores Header Photo by Courtesy of M+

Novel Fineries will be showcasing their hand-made butterfly embroidery in celebration of M+ Museums latest Exhibition, ‘Madame Song: Pioneering Art and Fashion in China’. The exhibition is set to open on July 29.

Products available for sale include pin art, beaded goods, butterfly embroidery, butterfly-inspired jewellery, and French embroidery.

Novel Fineries’ pieces and Madam Song are both inspired by the enigmatic ‘butterfly’ in many ways. The jewellery brand, known for their double-sided reversible butterfly pocket embroidery, were inspired to create a bespoke jewellery line for the opening of this exclusive exhibition.

Luxury Butterfly Embroidery by Novel Fineries Sold at M+  1
Courtesy of M+

Each piece helps to relay the inspiring story of Song Huai Gui (known to most as Madam Song), and her role as an integral part of China’s cultural transformation, told through the craft techniques from across the world.

The revolutionary love story of Madam Song and her Bulgarian husband and artist – Maryn Varbanov, rings deep in the art community and beyond as the first intercultural marriage recognized by Chinese authorities.

In the face of traditionalist values, Madam Song never gave up on her love for Varbanov, ultimately overcoming cultural adversity to emerge from a cocoon like a butterfly and live a life of beauty.

Luxury Butterfly Embroidery by Novel Fineries Sold at M+  2
Courtesy of M+

Additionally, Novel Fineries will also be selling ‘Le Gorget’ pieces, which uses a French embroidery technique. A medieval kind of “throat armour,” the Le Gorget necklace symbolizes protection, giving the wearer a sense of pride and self-confidence.

Through these pieces, Novel Fineries aims to take visitors on a unique artistic journey and reacquaint them with legendary woman and art-icon Madam Song from a different perspective.

When: From July 29

Where: M+ Museum West Gallery, 38 Museum Drive, West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong

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