Hong Kong Young Chef Young Waiter Competition 2023 Winners

Hong Kong Young Chef Young Waiter Competition Announces 2023 Winners

Glasses have been clinked, plates have been cleared, and the air buzzes as guests pore over the spectacular meals they have just indulged in as part of the Hong Kong Young Chef Young Waiter (YCYW) Competition.

Held at More Good in Chai Wan, the Hong Kong YCYW finals invited selected groups of diners to experience the contestants' passion for their craft and skills on full display. The competitors were paired into Chef-Waiter teams, where they had to work together to create a three-course dining experience to impress. With contestants being granted much freedom in how they would like to curate their menu, each table was arranged with a different setup and was served a unique selection of dishes that reflected the Chefs and Waiters’ stories.

After weeks of preparation from the contestants and hours of deliberation from the star-studded panel of judges, a final duo was selected.

Winners of the YCYW Hong Kong Competition

Young Chef 2023: Ardy Ferguson of Belon

Young Waiter 2023: Teddy Tso of Ritz Carlton

Runner-ups include: Angus Wong of Amber, Donika Thapa of Mr & Mrs Fox

Representing our city’s glistening F&B scene, Ardy and Teddy will continue their YCYW journey in Monaco between Nov. 23 and 24, where they will compete against an international lineup of chefs and waiters. The grand prize for the YCYW World Finals bestows winners with US$10,000.

Stay tuned to keep updated with the riveting competition results! Find out more about this year’s Young Chef Young Waiters Competition Hong Kong here.

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