Soho-based Katana Unveils Soul of the Samurai Special Menu
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Katana Elevates Familiar Dishes in ‘Soul of the Samurai’ Special Menu

Katana Elevates Familiar Dishes in Soul of the Samurai Seasonal Menu

Soho-based izakaya and sake bar Katana rolled out its “Soul of the Samurai” special menu on Aug. 7, spotlighting the crossover of Japanese and Western culinary prowess to deliver dishes that meld craftsmanship and creativity.

Presented in five phases themed after the Japanese moral code of “Bushido,” the menu showcases the culinary skills behind each dish and brings familiar dishes like skewers and udon to a new level by meticulously handpicking the best ingredients by season.

Pickled Yuzu Chicken Skin
Katana's Pickled Yuzu Chicken Skin

Among the main highlights is Pickled Yuzu Chicken Skin, a recipe imported to Hong Kong from the countryside of Miyazaki that is reminiscent of Asian snack calamari. Another is Eel Sticks, which uses a unique deep-frying method to make room for more westernised tastebuds without compromising the delicate texture of the eel.

Australian Lobster Skewer
Katana's Australian Lobster Skewer

Katana also deviates from the conventions by whipping up rare skewers like Australian lobster and Minced Beef, showcasing the chef’s grilling and cutting techniques that bring out the meat’s authentic flavours.

Complementing the skewers is the Junmai Ginjo, a sake produced by a brewery established in the Sengoku period, giving off an elegant aroma with the distinctive taste of polished rice.

To reserve a table for Katana’s “Soul of the Samurai” seasonal menu, visit this link.

Where: Katana, The Soho, 8 Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong

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